2     Background information - Classification of potential categories

We start with a discussion of the general background and subsequently present the status quo of consolidated data on potentials and cost for RES in Europe as applicable in the Green-X database. These figures indicate what appears to be realisable within the 2030 timeframe.

The possible use of RES depends in particular on the available resources and the associated costs. In this context, the term "available resources" or RES potential has to be clarified. In literature, potentials of various energy resources or technologies are intensively discussed. However, often no common terminology is applied. Below, we present definitions of the various types of potentials as used throughout this report:

Figure 2-1: Definition of potential terms.

Figure 2-1 shows the general concept of the realisable potential up to 2030 as well as in the mid-term (2050), the technical and the theoretical potential in a graphical way.


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