Objectives and problems to be solved:

The core objective of this project is to facilitate a significantly increased electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES-E) in a liberalised electricity market with minimal costs to European citizen. To identify most important strategies the dynamic toolbox Green-X will be developed. Related objectives are:

By disseminating the toolbox and the results of this project to policy makers and various stakeholders, acceptance of an EU-wide effective promotion system will be improved.

Description of work:

The main product of this project will be a computer-based toolbox containing the following features:

-        electricity generation of RES-E, conventional electricity, and CHP production

-        import / export balance of RES-E, conventional electricity and GHG permits

-        impacts of simulated strategies on generation costs and profits for generators

-        impact of selected strategies on total costs and financial benefits or disbenefits for EU citizens

It is emphasised that analyses will be in a dynamic framework, allowing changes of strategies and scenarios over time. 

Expected Results and Exploitation Plans:

The core result of this project is to provide and disseminate essential information with respect to RES-E deployment, CHP, rational use of electricity and GHG reduction to various stakeholders. The main results will be :

To facilitate the information and strengthen the decision process, the toolbox Green-X will be available via the internet.



Contact: green-x@tuwien.ac.at

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